Start of Video Pool residency, month of May, 2014

After a very busy semester I drove out to Winnipeg yesterday and having effectively walked Maisie (picture forthcoming) twice without trouble, I have set myself up at Video Pool. The studio is mine for the month and I am very happy to have carved out this time to keep learning, to move my project forward, and to connect with Winnipeg and my friends here again. Rob is flying out on Tuesday for a week (I have ordered as much as I could in advance so that I’m actually ready to work) and until then my time will be devoted to reviewing and finishing the starter kit so that I can get my head back in to the code and refresh my memory of the basics. So…. I have now made the Arduino blink at different brightnesses and speeds a cumulative total of six times. Maybe I can move on…..

Goals for the month include furthering my knowledge of motors and gears (if necessary), controlling and identifying the position of steppers, trying to better wrap my mind around astro math geekery so that I can make decisions about the kinetic objects, start thinking about scaling up, figuring out some camera options, working on the realspacetime projection (more on that later) and more. Geremy will come out in a few weeks and he and I will keep working on the visuals for the constellations and their boundaries, and Erika is taking Rob and I on a tour of Assentworks – where I hope to learn a bit of CAD and how to fabricate, or have fabricated, a version of the ecliptic and the model saturns.

I haven’t managed to post a great deal about artists and thinkers who I have been looking in to and hope to have time this summer to both keep looking and add some thoughts here. But first…multiple LED fun.

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