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Jupiter, webcam manual stack

So, I exported an image sequence from some video I grabbed of Jupiter early in the evening yesterday. Randomly opened five in pshop and manually stacked. Here’s my first stacked image of Jupiter.

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Saturn Opposition 2016

Right on. I set up in the THO. I had to align twice because something was loose. I shot Jupiter, Mars, and Saturn with my dSLR, and then I stuck my planetary camera on the scope. Last year I totally … Continue reading

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July 16 &17, CAO – Orion Cam Fail; Photo 101; fog

So – Thursday night skies were not fabulous but good enough for ‘practice’, as Blake said, luring me from the kitchen and my hot chocolate back to the observatory. I can’t get an image on my Orion Solar System IV … Continue reading

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CAO, first 2015 visit

It is really great to be back in Ontario for the summer, and to enjoy my first weekend back at the CAO. Ian and I walked the Margaret Paul Trail, and under the supervision of Blake, Elaine, and Tony, I … Continue reading

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Fumbling Through the Cosmos

I gave a presentation this week at Bushwakker Pub and Brewhouse, along with my colleague Rob Truszkowski, as part of the 2014-2015 Science Pub Series run by the University of Regina Faculties of Science, Engineering and Applied Science, and Art, … Continue reading

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Blog Link: Lumpy Darkness, Blake Nancarrow

I keep meaning to post a link to Blake’s blog, which is chock full of documentation, data, and how-to.

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Turn Left at Orion ‘Summer’ marathon at the CAO, July 5-6 2014

All right. Rob C. came to Winnipeg in May with a lovely early edition book for me: Turn Left At Orion. I hadn’t look at it much until this past weekend at the CAO… In brief: I spent Thursday at … Continue reading

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CAO, Solstice: June 21/22 2014

Fantastic first visit to the CAO for me in 2014. The observing pad was full, and thanks to Blake, who basically has been carrying and setting up all my heavy gear because my back is out, I was able to … Continue reading

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End of Video Pool Residency

Well, I wrapped up very quickly in Winnipeg and didn’t manage to write a blog post while everything was still fresh in my mind. My final two weeks were preoccupied with finishing preparing the ecliptic file so that when Geremy … Continue reading

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Week One, VP Residency

Good week, though because I am so burned out I am not thinking as clearly as I could be (my usual limitations aside). But I am learning, and feel the project has progressed. Before arrival we played with stepper and … Continue reading

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