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CAO June 13-17

One of the things I’m learning is that it is hard to keep up with processing images when one collects 10GB in one night, and does not have the right tools (computer; stacking software) to do the job best. The … Continue reading

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Arduino II – Project 1 continued, and Project 2 (Spaceship Interface)

Okay. The parallel circuit. The switches must be on the same row as the LED. The LED cathode is ground, and the ground is on the same row as the parallel circuit and the resistor. The resistor is connected to … Continue reading

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Arduino Getting Started I – opening the box and getting going…

Why? Because I’m hoping to make some kinetic pieces along with more images and video, and some stop motion, depicting Saturn’s various apparent motions using different time frames. I’ll categorize these under Arduino, they’ll be more for me than the … Continue reading

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Catching up: CAO Work Party, Open House, DDO First Night, and Thornhill public viewing session

I have been remiss in posting to the Blog in the midst of my travel from Regina to Toronto for the summer months; it has been a busy time. The Work Party at the CAO was a whirlwind of business … Continue reading

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