Arduino Getting Started I – opening the box and getting going…

Why? Because I’m hoping to make some kinetic pieces along with more images and video, and some stop motion, depicting Saturn’s various apparent motions using different time frames. I’ll categorize these under Arduino, they’ll be more for me than the reader, and I will try to keep up. The truth is I spent the past 2.5 hours writing this page and when I saved the draft it saved an empty file, and that is annoying.


The back of the box:the back of the box

This has some more nifty project titles than did the last starter kit I worked with, and I wonder if Rebecca re-packaged the kits she ordered for the UofR FFA Arduino Crafting Group, or if she purchased kits with different packaging. So…. ’02 Spaceship Interface’; ’03 love-o-meter’; ’10 Zoetrope’ – I’m looking forward to these!

Look, it comes with a 171 page bound book of projects! Inside the box.


So, Project 1, Get to Know Your Tools. Note: .

One switch, one LED:


Serial Switch:serialswitchonoff










I did do the parallel circuit…

Two LEDs = Two Resistors! No matter where the leds are placed so longs as the connections are made and circuits closed:2leds2resistors

That’s about all for now, given that WordPress has been very unreliable…..Getting Started II coming soon!

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