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This blog is the repository of my research in developing the long-term visual art project Imaging Saturn. The project involves my becoming an amateur astronomer and astro-photographer in order to collect images and video of Saturn, the sixth planet from the sun.

Several bodies of art work will emerge, the first of which involves collecting an image of the planet by my own photography for each year of Saturn’s orbit around the sun: 29.42 years. I like the conceptual approach that this could take me past retirement.

I have many blogs devoted to various topics – learning french; teaching plans and course blogs; Disciplining Art Practice [the place where, for the past 3.5 several years, I have collected my research documentation for my PhD work] – and each of these blogs has been completely private, accessible only to myself. So this public blog will be an exercise in balancing when and how I want to make the work public through this forum.

Let’s see how I fare…

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