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Collimation Links

Care of Shane, on the lookout…. – collimating a C8 from arnholm: and collimating with a webcam:

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Four Planet // Four Moon Night [first 2012 Image with C8, D7000, and CCD-SSIV]

Well, it finally cleared up enough last night for Alden and I to get together. Alden is a club member and manages the equipment, and offered to provide orientation for theĀ  Celestron 8 telescope which I can also borrow this … Continue reading

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Tilt of Saturn

Care of Rob, on the lookout…

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The End of Cassini

Care of John, on the lookout..

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Kalium Observatory and New Gear

So, this week I got a few pieces of astrophotography equipment/accessories. Orion StarShoot Solar System Color Imaging Camera IV – basically a webcam on steroids. This replaces a telescope eyepiece and connects directly to my mac for image capture. The … Continue reading

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Saturn, Spica, New Moon, November 22, 2011

Back in early November Chris Beckett met me for coffee and to chat about telescopes and other gear that I was researching while writing the SSHRC ID grant. The two biggest obstacles for me at that point were 1) having … Continue reading

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First Images, July 8, 2011.

On July 8th I visited the Kalium Observatory and using the projection photography technique managed to capture 67 mostly unusable images of the planet. I hand-held the camera in front of the telescope eyepiece, shot at 3200, f5.6, between 1/60 … Continue reading

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Why Saturn?

Well, it’s because of Dan. On the night of my PhD comprehensive examination exhibition reception [May 19, 2010], Dan Falk, science journalist and fellow Toronto Scrabble in the City Scrabbler, noted that on Wednesday night the Petrie Science observatory at … Continue reading

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RASC Beginnings

I contacted the RASC Regina Centre before moving to Regina in July 2011, having already decided that I would have to photograph Saturn. Chris Beckett engaged me in an email exchange that I barely understood except regarding two points: 1. … Continue reading

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Research/Creation and Astro-Amateurism

At the moment my priority is to finish writing my PhD Dissertation Support paper. The PhD I’m doing is an examination of the disciplining of visual art practice through its ongoing entrenchment within the academic research institution of the university. … Continue reading

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