Flappy Rings story in pictures

As I await delivery of JR connectors and a crimping tool, I have assembled the 29 rings, got the code to work (with a great deal of help from Rob and Ray), threw most of them up on the wall of the garage, and figured I could post some pictures in process.

01-prototype-IMG_9510 02-pileorings-IMG_9599 03-rings-cut-IMG_9606 04-rayassemblyinstructDSC_0012 05-pileoservos_DSC7614 06-base-stacks_DSC7505 07-support-stacks_DSC7517 08-pileoservos_DSC7614 09-spacers_DSC7616  11-servosready_DSC7618 12-readyforservosIMG_9886 14-3servosmounted_DSC7626 16-garage-mounting_DSC7637


bad solder.


really bad solder.


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