Balancing CGEM

Balancing CGEM

Here is a good video. I need to get more gear – don’t think the ankle weights are the perfect solution with the velcro straps. I don’t even know if my CGEM dovetail would take a bottom mounted counterweight modification.

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2 Responses to Balancing CGEM

  1. Andy Beaton says:

    I found it was easier to balance the scope without the finder scope, which I almost never use after the initial alignment – so I just take it off.

    • risahorowitz says:

      Andy, you remove the finder scope each time? Interesting. Maybe as I gain better overall and HC experience in controlling the mount movement, and a better sense of the fields of view using various eyepieces, this will be an option – I still need to periodically check the finder scope (for example, last night when Chris loaned me his 6mm, which had a much smaller field of view than the 14mm or 40mm, and I wasn’t perfectly centred before switching). Cool…

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