Correct Orientation

Edited 17 November.

I sent a request to the list to get this right. James Edgar sent this image; the moons from left to right are: Rhea, Tethys, Dione, & Titan

Correct orientation of Saturn if seen with naked eye from earth, as per James Edgar…

My SkySafari shows the following:

That is: with NO horiztonal or vertical flip selected.
Here is an image from my D7000 on May 11, 2012. The only modification I have made is in the exposure settings, to reveal the moons, and to label them.

from dSLR, no flipping or inverting, just levels and moon labels.

And here is the same image flipped horizontally, and rotated to match approximate ring Photoshop to orient the moons correctly [as per both J.E. sky shart software screen grab and my own]:

D700, flipped Horizontally, and rotated, in Pshop, shot on DDO scope with mirrors bouncing the light out of a side visual exit of the scope.

Okay: so with this setup at the DDO [prime dSLR connection, mirrors bouncing the light out the side of the scope], all I need to do to orient the image is a horizontal flip.

So with my successful stack:

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