First time soldering

Well, I wrote and published this post and it turned up empty.

Rob prepped a motors workshop for Geremy and me, and we began with a DC schematic and sketch using the L293D driver chip. The driver chip allows us to run the motor off a separate power source, and, importantly, to run a DC motor in both directions. I got to use my new soldering station for the first time to connect wires to the motor contacts, and when we first loaded the sketch, the motor would only turn CCW. After some trouble shooting we deduced it must be a faultly chip: so I’ll go get another and try again, before moving on to the stepper schematic and sketch that Rob also prepared.

Monday studio days are great, and Geremy and I are making progress with the astro apps in sketching out and visualizing the ecliptic and planet. But working in the late evenings is pushing us all. Sort of like observing after waking up at 8am.


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